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March 19, 2015 – Hiring Needs Since 2008: A Skill Gap or Job Requirement Gap

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Join us Thursday, March 19 in Waltham, MA for our next ACPI New England Chapter dinner meeting and presentation.

Hiring Needs Since 2008:
A Skill Gap or Job Requirement Gap
Featuring: Alicia Sasser Modestino

Using a large database of online job postings, this project demonstrates that employee skill requirements for both education and experience rose during the Great Recession and subsequent recovery when there was a larger supply of relevant job seekers.

Shifting skill requirements are particularly relevant for workers just entering the labor market who are likely to be less educated and experienced. Increasing employer requirements for education and experience raises the bar for these workers at a time when firms have slashed their budgets for formal training programs.

Our findings suggest that during a downturn state policymakers should consider expanding internships and apprenticeships that can give workers the experience necessary to gain entry into a middle-skill job. Alternatively, states could target expanded UI benefits to less educated/experienced workers who are more likely to face difficulty in regaining employment when job requirements have shifted upwards.

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