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Whether you're in the midst of a job search,
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What’s your next smart step?

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8-week online Just Start program

Based on their study of successful people, the authors of Just Start have captured their thinking in a few basic principles that inform their mindset. This is key. What sets successful entrepreneurs apart is how they think and tackle problems — not what they do.

The Just Start method will enable you to clarify what you want, navigate uncertainty and achieve the things you care about in life.

In its simplest form, it’s about taking action, learning from what you find and then building on it — then repeating the process.

The program is all about learning to apply basic principles of successful entrepreneurs. Through action you will learn the fundamental, yet often ignored mindsets, skills and practices common to highly successful entrepreneurs that are applicable whenever you face an uncertain future.

Is Just Start for you?

  • Are you stuck?
  • Are you finding it hard to get clear on what you really want?
  • Does it just seem awfully hard to accomplish what you want?
  • Is progress just taking way to long?
  • Are you thinking of starting something new?
The Just Start course might be just what you need.

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You can learn more about the specifics of the 8-week program below.

The key is not just action but the type of action that is taken.

  • Serial entrepreneurs have a firm grasp of their reality/current condition/resources.
  • They feel and use the creative tension or desire between where they are and where they want to be.
  • They may not know how to get to their goal but there is enough desire to take the next smart step with the means at hand, staying within their expectable loss.
  • They also share that desire with others finding the right people to take along on the journey. They share their vision and gather a tribe – increasing their resources, means at hand and resources.
  • Even if they are not quite sure of what they want, there is at least a strong enough since/desire of what they might want to take that next small step from which they can learn and build.

The world is constantly changing. Through action we change the world. We co-evolve with the world.

Just Start Program Format

The Online Just Start Course includes 9 sessions.

  • The first is a 45 min Introductory Session, held by conference call and conducted by Deborah and Tom  or other coaches. (After registering for the course you will gain access to an introductory slideshow that you will need to view to prepare yourself for this session)
  • The Introductory Session is followed by 7 self-paced modules ranging from 45-60 minutes that you will conduct at convenient times for you and two other participants either face-to-face or using your own conference line, Skype or other means. Each module includes 15-30 minutes of preparation. These 7 modules focus on taking action on an ongoing project of your choice using the Just Start method.
  • The course concludes with a 90 minute Capstone Session run by Just Start coaches.

Every month coaches will be available for Office Hours at scheduled times to hold discussions and answer questions.

*  To participate in the course you will need a computer with high-speed internet, a phone for the conference call and a copy of the Just Start book.

Just Start

Register for the next program by contacting us directly.
(Cost: $275*)


*For a limited time we are offering the course for $275. In exchange, we want your feedback to help us continue to refine and improve the program.

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