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About Appia

The Company

“I have 32 versions of my résumé” — sound familiar?

After hearing this one too many times (and resisting the idea of creating my own 32 versions), we started wondering,
is there a better way?

We couldn't find anything out there to easily adapt, generate and track targeted résumés, so we made one.

At Our Core

The company has been committed to the idea that there is a better way to track your work history and stories of accomplishments, so that you can spend time on enhancing your skills and network.

Today, you are responsible for your own career and destiny.

Our Goal

To provide you with a tool that will help you collect your career information and accomplishments in one place, so you can focus on your content and customizing your story. We want our members to have a tool that will allow you to think about your life’s vision and how your choices influence where you want to go in life.

Our tools and services are designed to help you maintain the momentum in your career as you focus on opportunities to build your career.

Appia is much more than a résumé generator.

It's a tool to help you reflect, retool, and reposition.

Appia is the central hub for your career success.

Appia Lets You

  • Manage career information securely in one place.
  • Customize content for multiple résumé versions.
  • Update your information quickly and easily.
  • Generate and save multiple versions of your résumé.
  • Generate nuanced versions of accomplishments.
  • Link competencies to accomplishments.
  • Track stories for interviewing and networking prep.
  • Build context into your career decisions.
  • Prepare for performance reviews.
  • Respond quickly to career opportunities.
  • Focus on your content not how things look, templates take care of the rest.

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