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Appia is a coaching, consulting, and technology company using a holistic approach for building antifragile organizations and individuals through insight thinking and leveraging existing resources. Our mission is Empowering Individuals and
Strengthening Organizations.

We also support Career Services Departments, career coaches and résumé writers in delivering additional value to their clients.


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Appia's coaching helps you

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Our consulting services offer extra eyes, hands, and thinking about old and new problems, anyplace you want to increase value and eliminate waste. We help you design adaptive processes utilizing the talent of your current human capital, and with the means at hand.

We are committed to strengthening community economics through Centers for Innovation, Change and Development (CICD). This new model being developed and tested now creates opportunities for skill development and revenue generation while solving societal and business problems.

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Oct 14, CTGB: What have you learned in your job search?

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Join us at the next CTGB workshop as we explore the role of mindfulness and learning in adapting your job search strategy based on the results you are getting. Tues, October 14, 10-12:30, Burlington Library, Burlington, MA. Topic: The role of mindfulness and learning in your job search. The employment situation is in flux and hard [...]

Sept 30, CTGB: Tell me about yourself?

– Posted in: Uncategorized

Join us at the next CTGB workshop: Tuesday, September 30, 10-12:30, Burlington, MA, as we explore effective ways of connecting with and communicating your story. Topic: Tell me about yourself? When you reflect on your story, what do you see? Do you see a series of jobs, a career or a calling? This workshop will [...]


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